2023 SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge

  • Location: Coos Bay
  • Condition: New
  • Length: 16.0
  • Year: 2023
  • Brand: SmokerCraft
  • Model: 160 Pro Lodge
  • Category: Unspecified
  • Stock Number: SMK73629

Explore the Outdoors in Style with the 2023 SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge!

Unleash your passion for the water with the 2023 SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge, an embodiment of superior craftsmanship and exceptional performance. Paired with a 2023 TrailMaster trailer and a powerful 2023 Yamaha F40LEHA outboard engine, this package is your ticket to unforgettable adventures on the water.

Key Features:

SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge (2023):
- Comfortable Design: Spacious and cozy interior with ample seating, ensuring a delightful experience for you and your companions.
- Fishing-Friendly: Equipped with fishing features like rod holders and ample storage for all your angling gear.
- Durability: Built with high-quality materials, promising longevity and resilience against the elements.
- Stability: Stable hull design for a smooth and secure ride, even in challenging water conditions.
- Versatility: Perfect for fishing trips, family outings, or a relaxing day on the water.

TrailMaster Trailer (2023):
- Effortless Transportation: Easy loading and unloading, allowing you to hit the water quickly and hassle-free.
- Sturdy Construction: Robust build quality ensures the safety and security of your boat during transit.
- Convenience: Designed for user-friendly operation, making it a breeze to transport your boat to any waterbody of your choice.

Yamaha F40LEHA Outboard Engine (2023):
- Powerful Performance: 40 horsepower of reliable Yamaha power, delivering a thrilling yet fuel-efficient boating experience.
- Fuel Efficiency: Advanced technology for optimal fuel consumption, allowing you to enjoy longer journeys on the water.
- Low Emissions: Environmentally friendly design, reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying the great outdoors.
- Quiet Operation: Smooth and quiet engine performance for a serene boating experience.

Why Choose This Package?
- Reliable Power: The Yamaha F40LEHA outboard engine offers the perfect balance of power and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride every time.
- Easy Handling: The stable hull design, combined with the TrailMaster trailer's effortless transportation, guarantees stress-free handling both on and off the water.
- Unmatched Comfort: The SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge’s spacious interior and fishing-friendly features provide unparalleled comfort, catering to all your boating needs.
- Exceptional Value: This package combines quality, performance, and affordability, giving you the best boating experience without breaking the bank.

Seize the opportunity to own the 2023 SmokerCraft 160 Pro Lodge with TrailMaster trailer and Yamaha F40LEHA outboard engine. Visit Y Marina at 1307 Newmark Ave. Coos Bay, OR 97420 or call us at 541-888-5501 to experience the thrill for yourself. Your next adventure starts here! The most stable 16' on the market today!!!

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